We’re finally back to blogging from Alaska!

Hey everyone, we just had a wonderful time up in Alaska. We did some wine tasting and testing and it was just spectacular. The natural beauty up there is unreal. We had things to do each and every day, so we never got bored.

Just wanted to drop you guys a few lines and let you know about what took place.

First, little Johnny had his first major fishing trip for Salmon. Him and Bob went out early each morning and man did they catch a ton of fish! We obviously grilled and cooked it up each night, and we vaccum sealed the rest of it for sending back home. So that was pretty cool. They definitely had a good time.

And then during mostly the evening hours (because the days are so darn long in the summer up in Alaska) we did the entire wine tasting thing almost every night. If you can believe it, we actually went skiing when we were outside of Anchorage. There are actually some really tall mountains up there, and so we definitely tried to be careful but unfortunately I think Bob was a little drunk from the wine tasting the night before (king of like he’s done previously) and got into a little bit of a Ski accident. Fortunately there was some great medical care there. One place that we stopped (after the initial trauma) was Chiropractor Anchorage Alaska and boy let me tell you they did an absolutely fantastic job. I can’t say enough good things about them – they put Bob’s hip back in place and straightened his back up to the point where he can now walk just fine.

So we’re having a great time up here all in all, and very blessed that no one got severely injured. So we definitely can’t complain and hope to update you guys with more of our wine tasting adventures! And if you’re new to this blog, check out the first post we did and you can follow our adventure throughout the years.