The best vineyard in Majorca

Hello to our viewers again, and welcome back to our amazing blog about the wine Tuers in Majorca. We are going to talk to you today about the best vineyard in Majorca and why you should choose to go to that place over all the others.  The Vineyard we have in mind  is the ballyhoo vineyard. We say this because they have the finest choice of one’s we say this because they have the finest choice of wine around.  Sure some of their wine is of the most expensive in the world, but the taste is completely unmatched by any other.

Nobody else has anything close to the quality and excellence that they put into their wine. It is said that the ballyhoo vineyard goes the best grapes in Majorca. If they have the greatest wine in the drawer good that means they have the number one wine in the world. In fact, they do have the number one leading  brand on the planet. It is called the ballyhoo  merlot. The ballyhoo Merlot goes for $55,000 a bottle and they only sell it one day out of the year because they can only get the grapes right once. A couple months ago we actually managed to pick ourselves up a bottle and it cost us a fortune. It was actually passed the deadline so we had to buy  it private party, and it costed us $255,000 because this person wanted to drink it that bad Lee. So we said, well sir what is your price. And so the man said, my price is $265,000. We went ahead and said that we would pay about 10,000 less and so we walked out with the most amazing bottle of wine in existence. Sorry for rambling on about that little topic there people, let’s get back to the real thing which is the ballyhoo Vineyard.

They have much more then just amazing wine tasting. When you walk in to their vineyard you will find that they play my music from the most amazing orchestras in the world. They always have a full private orchestra in their auditorium ready for the customers to come in. Maybe that is why they are  Number one. They give some of the best service we have every scene out of any Vineyard. The ballyhoo is truly the master when it comes to entertaining it’s guests. The entertainment of your guests is very important because they are going to be tipsy from the wine and now they will need something to keep them occupied. This Vineyard has found that playing music is the absolute best way to keep your guests at ease and drinking your wine.

Here is a little sidenote, go ahead and check out this little video that we have to share with you about the wine tasting in Majorca.

If you are truly a wine connoisseur, then you will make it part of your bucket list to come out to the ballyhoo Vineyard to experience the divine. There is nothing else like them around and that’s why they have the reputation they do. If you were to look on yelp you would see that they have over   6000 top-tier reviews for their  business.

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