Some of the best wine country is in California.

We are going away from Majorca again in this post and moving to a different area of the world to do a review of. Today we are going to talk about the wine country that is in Sacramento California. We think that some of the finest wine country in the world is also in the city of Sacramento. This city is surrounded by hundreds of square miles of luscious one country. People from all over the world go out to Northern California to see all the vineyards and taste all the amazing wines. There are literally hundreds of different vineyards to choose from so the wine tours are  endless. We spent a good deal of time in Northern California once wine touring for a good number of months. We believe that we spent almost a whole summer there and on a different wine tour every day  for 100 days and did not even see half of the wineries that were out in that area. How crazy is that? So many different wineries in one compact little space. We never knew that America had some of the greatest country on the face of the earth.  The wines we tasted were so delicious too.  Our favorite was the dark Merlot is that one of the vineyards was offering. The taste of the grapes was just so rich and flavorful that you would have to poke your lips every time you took a sip. This was a very expensive bottle of wine too that was made with elegance.

 We believe the name of the Vineyard what is Henrietta farms Vineyard and estate. Yes that was indeed the name of the place. That was our favorite vineyard out of the hundred or so that we saw that summer and it was that special bottle of Merlot that really stood out because of its old taste. A lot of these vineyards had very good tasting white wines  as well. One of our favorite white wines was another flavor from that same Vineyard and it was a very try white Chardonnay and it had a very sweet sugary taste to it.  It was actually very nice to not have something else better for once. It kind of tasted like there was a little bit of very find grape juice in it but it did not taste cheap at all. In fact that bottle of wine costed $1000. That’s crazy because Chardonnays usually go for about $20 a bottle. There must’ve been something special with the packaging on the bottle or something like that maybe it had goldplating. We would definitely recommend that you hit up the Sacramento area for their very large wine country that they have. You will be able to go winetasting for months straight every day and never run out of vineyards to go to.

Go ahead and look at this video of California’s luscious wine country and drop us an email and let us know what you think.