Majorca Wine Tours Blog

Hello everybody and welcome to Majorca wine tours.  Blog that is all about wine tasting in Majorca. This city has some of the greatest wine in the world. There are so many amazing different flavors of wine as well as vineyards all over.  We think that Majorca has the finest wine country in the world and we believe it is the mecca for wine tasting.  The country is so beautiful and luscious and peaceful. We are all blog that is dedicated to sharing all the news about the different  wine Tuers that are going on in Majorca.

we will be sharing many articles with you about the history of Majorca and it’s wine country as well as tips and guides on how to enjoy your wine tasting the most.

Here is a YouTube video explaining wine tasting in Majorca.

Why we created this blog

First off we are a group of veteran winetasters that has traveled the whole world to try all the different kinds of wines that exist. After being too almost every great wine country around, we have decided that Majorca is the number one place  for wine tasting. This is because the grapes that grow in Majorca are better than everywhere else. We say this because the climate in Majorca is the best in the world for growing grapevines.  It has something to do with how much sunlight they get per year. Majorca gets over 325 days of sunlight our year which is prime for growing the right grapes. Top of having great wine, Majorca is also an amazing place in itself.  The culture that is here is unmatched, and the people are absolutely amazing. So if you’re looking for a place that not only has the greatest wine you have ever tasted, but is  also a great vacation destination, then we recommend that you visit there at least one time.

that was just a small sample of what our blog has in store for you. If you liked what you read today, make sure to look at our blog on a daily basis to see more articles. To find out a little bit more about who we are as well, then go to the about Majorca page on the site.