We’re finally back to blogging from Alaska!

Hey everyone, we just had a wonderful time up in Alaska. We did some wine tasting and testing and it was just spectacular. The natural beauty up there is unreal. We had things to do each and every day, so we never got bored.

Just wanted to drop you guys a few lines and let you know about what took place.

First, little Johnny had his first major fishing trip for Salmon. Him and Bob went out early each morning and man did they catch a ton of fish! We obviously grilled and cooked it up each night, and we vaccum sealed the rest of it for sending back home. So that was pretty cool. They definitely had a good time.

And then during mostly the evening hours (because the days are so darn long in the summer up in Alaska) we did the entire wine tasting thing almost every night. If you can believe it, we actually went skiing when we were outside of Anchorage. There are actually some really tall mountains up there, and so we definitely tried to be careful but unfortunately I think Bob was a little drunk from the wine tasting the night before (king of like he’s done previously) and got into a little bit of a Ski accident. Fortunately there was some great medical care there. One place that we stopped (after the initial trauma) was Chiropractor Anchorage Alaska and boy let me tell you they did an absolutely fantastic job. I can’t say enough good things about them – they put Bob’s hip back in place and straightened his back up to the point where he can now walk just fine.

So we’re having a great time up here all in all, and very blessed that no one got severely injured. So we definitely can’t complain and hope to update you guys with more of our wine tasting adventures! And if you’re new to this blog, check out the first post we did and you can follow our adventure throughout the years.

Solar Panels (and Commercial Roofing) for Vineyards

New Article Reveals the Low Down on Solar Panels on Commercial Roofs for Vineyards and Why You Must Look into them Today

What Is So Fascinating About Solar Panels on Commercial Roofs for Vineyards?

In different locations, the panels can be set up with only a spike in the ground. And this is incredible for the Vineyard owner. In every place that we’ve been to (San Diego, Sacramento, Etc.) all of the vineyard owners are always talking about saving money. How can they save the money money. Well we now know that solar is the way to go. The solar panels perform the main use of heating up the water, helping save on power bills to a massive extent. As they continuously absorb sunlight throughout the day, they become very hot. The Paso Panel is an easy device that is utilized to assess the midday canopy shaded region of trellised grapevines.

Solar Panels for Vineyards Help!

Get in touch with us today to discover how solar can enhance your organization and cut back costs!! It can help you gain an extra competitive advantage in a tough economic climate. Not surprisingly, it seemed like the right fit. Following that, the electricity is absolutely free, Efird states. The remainder of the year, the majority of the wineries’ energy goes to refrigeration. Solar power contributes to reduce energy usage, improved air quality and a more compact carbon footprint. If you’ve got solar power on such dam, you can continue to create electricity.

Individuals who run companies aren’t any different. The business aspires to conserve and safeguard the environment in all its operations. It proudly manufactures its products in the USA. It is using various energy and water efficient systems to clean them. . Over time, and its operating businesses have established and implemented programs that preserve and safeguard the surroundings.

Not only can a solar cover defend you from the weather, but nevertheless, it will also supply you with an eco-friendly supply of electricity and reduce your electricity bills. For additional privacy, wooden covers can be partially enclosed on a couple of sides with siding to meet your house. A structural patio cover is the best way to go if you prefer to acquire the absolute most out of your outdoor living space. Aluminum covers are among the most well-known options on the industry.

The Honest to Goodness Truth on Solar Panels on Commercial roofs for Vineyards

A walkway on a single side enables workers to check and wash the panels. If you’re installing on a commercial roof on the vineyard, then definitely you want to go do some prep work beforehand  Naturally, without some type of shelter, a patio can just be a floor in your backyard. Not only are patios great for entertaining guests, but they could also raise the resale value of your house.

Modern winemakers and companies have an expanding range of  tools they use to enhance the standard of their grapes and wines at virtually every level. When you walk in the winery you’re on the ground level and because you walk back in the barrel space, you’re underground, utilizing the organic landscape as an ideal cooling resource. It demonstrates that the winery really is committed to innovation in all portions of the winemaking enterprise. Besides cutting carbon, the winery intends to integrate renewable power and reduce power expenses. There are 6 chief explanations for why Wineries all around the World are moving to Solar. Many large-scale wineries strain the surroundings through their usage of chemical pesticides and higher water consumption. Within a calendar year, the vineyard reached that goal, and is currently aiming to attain below-zero carbon emissions employing renewable power and storage, the business says.

One of the best companies for installing solar for all the electrical work is Steve over at Electricians Encinitas . They do an incredible job and provided much of the content for this amazing article! Also a big shoutout to Crest Commercial roofing for providing the great content too (visit them at http://www.commercialroofingofdallas.com/fort.worth.html)  Thanks guys!