Back to Sacramento

Hello everybody, and we are back with another awesome post for you guys that will be all about winetasting in Sacramento California again. We arty did a post in the past about Sacramento’s wine country, but we would like to go back and talk about it again. We are choosing to pick this as a subject of conversation today because we think Sacramento’s wine country is of the best in the world!  There are so many awesome things that Sacramento’s wine country has to offer. First off, they have over 200 vineyards in the whole area around the city, and each Vineyard has its own unique feel and Wine specialties.

We have gone back to visit the wine country in this area many times because we still have not seen every Vineyard around. It is our goal and on our bucket list to visit every single winery that is in Sacramento California. Every single winery that we have been to has been a very  positive experience.  There was this one vineyard that really stood out last time we were on vacation over in Sacramento. The name of the place was Merryville winery and every single one they had for tasting was absolutely amazing. They had One choice of Merlot that really stood out. The taste of that bottle of wine was absolutely amazing, and nothing in Sacramento can compare to it. We have gone back to this place many times and have gotten to know the owners very well. This way we have an inn  to getting the best discounts on their very expensive bottles of wine. The owners of this winery are Bob and Kathy Thorton and they are the most amazing people we have ever met. Not only do they own a winery but they also have many businesses in  The Sacramento area. They used the money that they had made over the years and saved from their various businesses and started the Vineyard. They said that this wasn’t to make money, it was simply because they had a passion for wine and they wanted to start making their own.  Since they have been so great to us every time we have come, we are going to go ahead and give a little bit of a shout out/support to one of their businesses down in Sacramento. That page we would like to give credit to today is the folks doing Roofing in Sacramento,  they have a very honest and ethical roofing company in Sacramento and they do some of the best work that you have ever seen. We know that if this couple puts as much effort and something else as they do their Vineyard, then they are bound to be a 10 out of 10.

Overall, Sacramento’s wine country is of the most prestigious in the world. There are some very famous vineyards out there that sell some of the most expensive bottles of wine you have ever seen in your life. This wine country attracts various celebrities in  Big business people. That is how prestigious we are talking about. Some of the wineries that are in Sacramento have been around for over 150 years and have been serving some of the worlds greatest varieties of wine ever since. So we highly recommend that you go and check out that wine country because it is otherworldly!