We’re finally back to blogging from Alaska!

Hey everyone, we just had a wonderful time up in Alaska. We did some wine tasting and testing and it was just spectacular. The natural beauty up there is unreal. We had things to do each and every day, so we never got bored.

Just wanted to drop you guys a few lines and let you know about what took place.

First, little Johnny had his first major fishing trip for Salmon. Him and Bob went out early each morning and man did they catch a ton of fish! We obviously grilled and cooked it up each night, and we vaccum sealed the rest of it for sending back home. So that was pretty cool. They definitely had a good time.

And then during mostly the evening hours (because the days are so darn long in the summer up in Alaska) we did the entire wine tasting thing almost every night. If you can believe it, we actually went skiing when we were outside of Anchorage. There are actually some really tall mountains up there, and so we definitely tried to be careful but unfortunately I think Bob was a little drunk from the wine tasting the night before (king of like he’s done previously) and got into a little bit of a Ski accident. Fortunately there was some great medical care there. One place that we stopped (after the initial trauma) was Chiropractor Anchorage Alaska and boy let me tell you they did an absolutely fantastic job. I can’t say enough good things about them – they put Bob’s hip back in place and straightened his back up to the point where he can now walk just fine.

So we’re having a great time up here all in all, and very blessed that no one got severely injured. So we definitely can’t complain and hope to update you guys with more of our wine tasting adventures! And if you’re new to this blog, check out the first post we did and you can follow our adventure throughout the years.

Solar Panels (and Commercial Roofing) for Vineyards

New Article Reveals the Low Down on Solar Panels on Commercial Roofs for Vineyards and Why You Must Look into them Today

What Is So Fascinating About Solar Panels on Commercial Roofs for Vineyards?

In different locations, the panels can be set up with only a spike in the ground. And this is incredible for the Vineyard owner. In every place that we’ve been to (San Diego, Sacramento, Etc.) all of the vineyard owners are always talking about saving money. How can they save the money money. Well we now know that solar is the way to go. The solar panels perform the main use of heating up the water, helping save on power bills to a massive extent. As they continuously absorb sunlight throughout the day, they become very hot. The Paso Panel is an easy device that is utilized to assess the midday canopy shaded region of trellised grapevines.

Solar Panels for Vineyards Help!

Get in touch with us today to discover how solar can enhance your organization and cut back costs!! It can help you gain an extra competitive advantage in a tough economic climate. Not surprisingly, it seemed like the right fit. Following that, the electricity is absolutely free, Efird states. The remainder of the year, the majority of the wineries’ energy goes to refrigeration. Solar power contributes to reduce energy usage, improved air quality and a more compact carbon footprint. If you’ve got solar power on such dam, you can continue to create electricity.

Individuals who run companies aren’t any different. The business aspires to conserve and safeguard the environment in all its operations. It proudly manufactures its products in the USA. It is using various energy and water efficient systems to clean them. . Over time, and its operating businesses have established and implemented programs that preserve and safeguard the surroundings.

Not only can a solar cover defend you from the weather, but nevertheless, it will also supply you with an eco-friendly supply of electricity and reduce your electricity bills. For additional privacy, wooden covers can be partially enclosed on a couple of sides with siding to meet your house. A structural patio cover is the best way to go if you prefer to acquire the absolute most out of your outdoor living space. Aluminum covers are among the most well-known options on the industry.

The Honest to Goodness Truth on Solar Panels on Commercial roofs for Vineyards

A walkway on a single side enables workers to check and wash the panels. If you’re installing on a commercial roof on the vineyard, then definitely you want to go do some prep work beforehand  Naturally, without some type of shelter, a patio can just be a floor in your backyard. Not only are patios great for entertaining guests, but they could also raise the resale value of your house.

Modern winemakers and companies have an expanding range of  tools they use to enhance the standard of their grapes and wines at virtually every level. When you walk in the winery you’re on the ground level and because you walk back in the barrel space, you’re underground, utilizing the organic landscape as an ideal cooling resource. It demonstrates that the winery really is committed to innovation in all portions of the winemaking enterprise. Besides cutting carbon, the winery intends to integrate renewable power and reduce power expenses. There are 6 chief explanations for why Wineries all around the World are moving to Solar. Many large-scale wineries strain the surroundings through their usage of chemical pesticides and higher water consumption. Within a calendar year, the vineyard reached that goal, and is currently aiming to attain below-zero carbon emissions employing renewable power and storage, the business says.

One of the best companies for installing solar for all the electrical work is Steve over at Electricians Encinitas . They do an incredible job and provided much of the content for this amazing article! Also a big shoutout to Crest Commercial roofing for providing the great content too (visit them at http://www.commercialroofingofdallas.com/fort.worth.html)  Thanks guys!

Heading down to San Diego again!

Hi everyone, and also we come right back with yet another wonderful article for you men which are going to be exactly about wine-tasting at San Diego California back again. We artistic failed a place previously about San Diego’s wine region, but we’d love to return and speak about any of it again. We’re deciding to decide on this as an issue of dialog now due to the fact we presume San Diego’s wine region is still amongst the very best on earth!

You’ll find all those awesome issues that San Diego’s wine region offers. To start, they’ve above 200 wineries inside the full area across the metropolis, and also each and every Vineyard has got its very own distinct texture and Wine specialties. We’ve gone back to stop by your wine region inside this region often occasions mainly because we still have never seen any Vineyard close to. It’s our objective and also about our bucket-list to go to each and every winery that’s at San Diego, California.

More about the tour

Each and Every winery That We’ve been around continues to be a really Favorable encounter.

That is also this 1 vineyard that basically stood out past moment we’re on a break within north park. The identify of this spot has been Encinitas vineyard and each single one they’d for tasting has been definitely wonderful.

They had a single range (I know, right!?) of Merlot that really stood outside. The flavor of that bottle of wine has been definitely astonishing, and also nothing in San Diego could compare with this. We’ve gone back once again to the region many occasions and also have grown to understand the proprietors too. In this manner we’ve got an inn to receiving the most effective discounts in their own very costly bottles of the wine. The proprietors with the winery are all Shelly and Tim Jones plus they’re definitely the absolute most beautiful people we’ve ever satisfied. Perhaps not merely can they have a vineyard nevertheless additionally they have lots of organizations from the SD County space.

They had the amount of money that they’d left through the last few years and rescued out of their respective companies and started out that the Vineyard. They mentioned that it was not to earn funds, it had been only because that they experienced a fire for wine plus so they desired to get started earning their particularpersonal. Given that they’ve been really amazing for people each moment we’ve arrive, we’re likely to move up ahead of time and present just a tiny bit of a shout out/support to a few of down their businesses at Hillcrest, which yes is far the boundary of the border but it’s still nice.

On this tour, we met a lovely couple and we’d love to provide some love now to these wonderful folks accomplishing great things in San Diego with their business  (sandiegoconcretecontractors.com/), and they all really have a exact fair and concrete resurfacing corporation in SD plus so they also do some of their optimal/optimally job which you’ve at any time noticed. We are aware that in case that number places up hard work plus one different since they perform their own Vineyard, afterward they’re certain to become always a 10 from 10. In general, San Diego’s wine region is still among the absolute most esteemed on the planet. Read More

Back to Sacramento

Hello everybody, and we are back with another awesome post for you guys that will be all about winetasting in Sacramento California again. We arty did a post in the past about Sacramento’s wine country, but we would like to go back and talk about it again. We are choosing to pick this as a subject of conversation today because we think Sacramento’s wine country is of the best in the world!  There are so many awesome things that Sacramento’s wine country has to offer. First off, they have over 200 vineyards in the whole area around the city, and each Vineyard has its own unique feel and Wine specialties.

We have gone back to visit the wine country in this area many times because we still have not seen every Vineyard around. It is our goal and on our bucket list to visit every single winery that is in Sacramento California. Every single winery that we have been to has been a very  positive experience.  There was this one vineyard that really stood out last time we were on vacation over in Sacramento. The name of the place was Merryville winery and every single one they had for tasting was absolutely amazing. They had One choice of Merlot that really stood out. The taste of that bottle of wine was absolutely amazing, and nothing in Sacramento can compare to it. We have gone back to this place many times and have gotten to know the owners very well. This way we have an inn  to getting the best discounts on their very expensive bottles of wine. The owners of this winery are Bob and Kathy Thorton and they are the most amazing people we have ever met. Not only do they own a winery but they also have many businesses in  The Sacramento area. They used the money that they had made over the years and saved from their various businesses and started the Vineyard. They said that this wasn’t to make money, it was simply because they had a passion for wine and they wanted to start making their own.  Since they have been so great to us every time we have come, we are going to go ahead and give a little bit of a shout out/support to one of their businesses down in Sacramento. That page we would like to give credit to today is the folks doing Roofing in Sacramento,  they have a very honest and ethical roofing company in Sacramento and they do some of the best work that you have ever seen. We know that if this couple puts as much effort and something else as they do their Vineyard, then they are bound to be a 10 out of 10.

Overall, Sacramento’s wine country is of the most prestigious in the world. There are some very famous vineyards out there that sell some of the most expensive bottles of wine you have ever seen in your life. This wine country attracts various celebrities in  Big business people. That is how prestigious we are talking about. Some of the wineries that are in Sacramento have been around for over 150 years and have been serving some of the worlds greatest varieties of wine ever since. So we highly recommend that you go and check out that wine country because it is otherworldly!

Another city in California for wine tasting

Wine country Fresno

The Fresno Weinstein is a great one because Fresno is it extremely dense populated agricultural region, probably the most concentrated agricultural region in the world. Not only is Fresno produce unbelievable fruits and high variety of fruits vegetables and other agricultural products, but they also put in some of the best wine. There are a lot of surrounding areas such as Madera, California, that have some incredible wine tors. We have gone on multiple stores and wine tasting testing and have enjoyed every single moment of them. I think I probably enjoyed Madera the best because it’s really extremely flat and agriculturally diverse. I mean, you’ll see thousands and thousands and thousands of acres of just the craziest crap. And a lot of wineries too. Even though California grapes grow here parentheses there’s probably 50 or 60 variations) you will be able to have some of the best tasting wine, even though you would maybe associate the best one with Napa or Italy. Another great place to test. Wine is in Clovis California. Great wine tasting in their farms especially on the east side. There’s a great little gems including places in central Clovis is well. We stopped at a couple of those tors and road I’ll little tractor last fall and went to a little bar/saloon where they have all kinds of different wine samples and things to taste. Add another great area is the Fresno State wine. They actually have a huge amount of acres that they grow for crops for wine. Obviously all the kids are older than 21 drink the wine but we’ve done some taste testing there and my oh my there is some incredible wine that is definitely worth going. And testing and tasting any month of the year. There are also a few wine tors in the central valley, including some of the smaller towns such as Kingsburg, Selma, singer, vice Selye,:, Carmen, Norfork, and some of the foothill areas such as all Barry and even up into bass. Lake. We are super blast here in California to be able to take wine tasting towards basically whatever we want. A lot of the times we do our own private tour bus, and we just split the cost. That makes it a lot of fun and definitely everybody involved has a good time. One of the other reasons why California’s wine (especially the Fresno in Central Valley wine) taste so great is because of the year round weather. Central valley and Fresno gets 300+ days of sunshiny here in the climate is very Mediterranean base. Even though California is facing a water crisis, we’re still able to hear a gate very. Physically as well as effectively and get wine grapes the water that they need to effectively row and turn into America’s favorite drink, which is why. Up Next on our California wine tour will probably be the Napa Valley. That’s just outside of San Francisco, and we’re very excited.

Let us give a special link out to Pinterest for some inspiration. They are a social media platform that loves wine and they have a bunch of awesome tags and posts on it. So make sure to go give them a holler!

Some of the best wine country is in California.

We are going away from Majorca again in this post and moving to a different area of the world to do a review of. Today we are going to talk about the wine country that is in Sacramento California. We think that some of the finest wine country in the world is also in the city of Sacramento. This city is surrounded by hundreds of square miles of luscious one country. People from all over the world go out to Northern California to see all the vineyards and taste all the amazing wines. There are literally hundreds of different vineyards to choose from so the wine tours are  endless. We spent a good deal of time in Northern California once wine touring for a good number of months. We believe that we spent almost a whole summer there and on a different wine tour every day  for 100 days and did not even see half of the wineries that were out in that area. How crazy is that? So many different wineries in one compact little space. We never knew that America had some of the greatest country on the face of the earth.  The wines we tasted were so delicious too.  Our favorite was the dark Merlot is that one of the vineyards was offering. The taste of the grapes was just so rich and flavorful that you would have to poke your lips every time you took a sip. This was a very expensive bottle of wine too that was made with elegance. Read More

The best vineyard in Majorca

Hello to our viewers again, and welcome back to our amazing blog about the wine Tuers in Majorca. We are going to talk to you today about the best vineyard in Majorca and why you should choose to go to that place over all the others.  The Vineyard we have in mind  is the ballyhoo vineyard. We say this because they have the finest choice of one’s we say this because they have the finest choice of wine around.  Sure some of their wine is of the most expensive in the world, but the taste is completely unmatched by any other.

Nobody else has anything close to the quality and excellence that they put into their wine. It is said that the ballyhoo vineyard goes the best grapes in Majorca. If they have the greatest wine in the drawer good that means they have the number one wine in the world. In fact, they do have the number one leading  brand on the planet. It is called the ballyhoo  merlot. The ballyhoo Merlot goes for $55,000 a bottle and they only sell it one day out of the year because they can only get the grapes right once. A couple months ago we actually managed to pick ourselves up a bottle and it cost us a fortune. It was actually passed the deadline so we had to buy  it private party, and it costed us $255,000 because this person wanted to drink it that bad Lee. So we said, well sir what is your price. And so the man said, my price is $265,000. We went ahead and said that we would pay about 10,000 less and so we walked out with the most amazing bottle of wine in existence. Sorry for rambling on about that little topic there people, let’s get back to the real thing which is the ballyhoo Vineyard.

They have much more then just amazing wine tasting. When you walk in to their vineyard you will find that they play my music from the most amazing orchestras in the world. They always have a full private orchestra in their auditorium ready for the customers to come in. Maybe that is why they are  Number one. They give some of the best service we have every scene out of any Vineyard. The ballyhoo is truly the master when it comes to entertaining it’s guests. The entertainment of your guests is very important because they are going to be tipsy from the wine and now they will need something to keep them occupied. This Vineyard has found that playing music is the absolute best way to keep your guests at ease and drinking your wine.

Here is a little sidenote, go ahead and check out this little video that we have to share with you about the wine tasting in Majorca.


If you are truly a wine connoisseur, then you will make it part of your bucket list to come out to the ballyhoo Vineyard to experience the divine. There is nothing else like them around and that’s why they have the reputation they do. If you were to look on yelp you would see that they have over   6000 top-tier reviews for their  business.

We are glad that you took the time out of your day to read this blog post and that’s why we encourage you to come back tomorrow for the next amazing article that we will have to share. Make sure to stay in touch!

Majorca Wine Tours Blog

Hello everybody and welcome to Majorca wine tours.  Blog that is all about wine tasting in Majorca. This city has some of the greatest wine in the world. There are so many amazing different flavors of wine as well as vineyards all over.  We think that Majorca has the finest wine country in the world and we believe it is the mecca for wine tasting.  The country is so beautiful and luscious and peaceful. We are all blog that is dedicated to sharing all the news about the different  wine Tuers that are going on in Majorca.

we will be sharing many articles with you about the history of Majorca and it’s wine country as well as tips and guides on how to enjoy your wine tasting the most.

Here is a YouTube video explaining wine tasting in Majorca.

Why we created this blog

First off we are a group of veteran winetasters that has traveled the whole world to try all the different kinds of wines that exist. After being too almost every great wine country around, we have decided that Majorca is the number one place  for wine tasting. This is because the grapes that grow in Majorca are better than everywhere else. We say this because the climate in Majorca is the best in the world for growing grapevines.  It has something to do with how much sunlight they get per year. Majorca gets over 325 days of sunlight our year which is prime for growing the right grapes. Top of having great wine, Majorca is also an amazing place in itself.  The culture that is here is unmatched, and the people are absolutely amazing. So if you’re looking for a place that not only has the greatest wine you have ever tasted, but is  also a great vacation destination, then we recommend that you visit there at least one time.

that was just a small sample of what our blog has in store for you. If you liked what you read today, make sure to look at our blog on a daily basis to see more articles. To find out a little bit more about who we are as well, then go to the about Majorca page on the site.